Quick, efficient planning and management of resources with open source solutions. Accessible from any device with network access.
Discover our free software application for water cycle management. It connects all your software, your databases and enhances your results.
Working closely with our clients to offer integrated, sustainable engineering services tailored especially for them. Benefit from our last technology generation and experience on the sector.


Precise diagnostics for optimized future implementations.

Use of free open source technology of high performance.


Leave your software installation and set up in good hands.

Ensuring correct data migration with all the guarantees.


Get to know our tools and decide which suit best your organization. Once informed, get the most out our courses and specialize with our training solutions.

Open and totally committed to the society

We believe that companies have heart and soul. And that is the case of BGEO.

Our vision is to contribute to this world and the society by making a positive difference.
Corporation, transparency, sustainability and respect are the attributes that describe us.

There are different ways which a task can be performed. Discover which criteria we apply in the projects to convert a simple project into a high added value solution for our client and hence for the society. Discover the benefits of using open source technology for your organization. + info
Our clients are our best references. Nobody could talk about us better than our clients about our expertise in design and implementation of projects we undertake. Our clients have set the bar where we have come so far and every day they encourage us to exceed our limits with their new needs and challenges. + info
BGEO is an organization which is growing in experience and talent.
But behind every project, there are talented and valuable people working with extensive experience.
Get to know us, we are here to help you and assist. + info
We believe in cooperation rather than competition. For this, we have created a network of strong partners whom we trust. They are individuals, institutions or companies that we work and help each other in order to deliver the best solutions possible in order to enhance and improve our results. We invite you to know them. + info