The CORAL project that was funded by the Galatea program has come to an end. It started in July 2021 and was developed by a consortium of three companies: SeaData from Poland, Water Robotics from France and BGEO from Spain.

Each company brought into the project their own expertise (SeaData: software and data analysis; WaterRobotics: waterdrones and buoys; BGEO: GIS data and database solutions) and joined forces to create a fully functional platform for environmental monitoring, data storage and analysis, together with dock management, which includes the following capabilities:

1. Database with:

– measurements from air pollution monitoring stations, buoys, water drones
– GIS data, including borders, roads, buildings, docks
– satellite Data

2. Data analysis:

– charts with the measurements from all the devices listed previously
– weather measurements and prognosis
– alerting tool
– report generation tool

3. Dock management platform

After three face-to-face meetings in Gdańsk, Montpellier and Barcelona, multiple challenges, some changes to the project and small problems that occurred throughout the last 12 months, the consortium managed to deliver a product that has already been tested and will be used in the main demonstration site – Port Elbląg.

As a result of the project, the CORAL product is adjusted to the needs of small and medium ports and is highly flexible so that it can be used as a database with data visualization and analysis, but also as a platform for environmental monitoring, or for dock/marina management. All these features can also be combined into one. The flexibility of the solution also includes the ability to use data from various devices, IoT networks and drones. Thanks to such approach there are already some leads.

Besides, it was also an opportunity to strengthen connections with relevant contacts as Geomatico. Regarding partnerships, BGEO wouldn’t be successful without the support and coordination from the Catalan Water Partnership, which was the regional contact of the Galatea project, and also Eurecat that helped with the business model elaboration.

Despite its end, the consortium has numerous ideas for further development of the product and plan to continuously improve it, but also hope to sell it to several clients.