A panoramic and global view of your needs

Do you still group data by themes and you are unable to quickly combine information from different areas?The open source GIS solutions offered and implemented by BGEO, allow you to visualize all data on a map, that can be accessed from any device connected to the network.

Moreover its layered structure facilitates the control of various different types of data and also allows you to trace their evolution in time and space.

Main features


  • All the information is geo-localized
  • Customized search filters
  • Combination of as many fields as required by the user
  • Multi-platform solution with online access to the data
  • Capability to set different permission levels
  • 100% secure and private data import
  • Compatible with most management solutions
  • International developing community
  • Constant technological improvements

Main benefits


  • Centralized and updated information
  • Action traceability in both time and space
  • Better resource planning
  • Reducing the time of investigating and analyzing data
  • Base to develop geo-marketing techniques
  • There is no need to discard any existing software
  • Commitment to open source technologies and open data
  • No ties or dependency on the supplier
  • No fees or licenses for new versions

Real prospects of the GIS solutions of BGEO:

Imagine having a map from your town where you can link the citizen complaints with the resolution of the incidents as well as to analyze which neighborhoods have more complaints per capita; in what areas is the response more effective or in what areas nothing has been done for a long time; what is the average response time per complaint and by subject. It generates a heat map where you can quickly see in which areas citizens are unsatisfied by subject, time of the year or age groups. It also links investment and different areas on the map, social assistance and also crosses the election results.

Generate a map that shows your company’s customers and the competition that you have around you. Define a sphere of influence that determines your target. Analyze where your clients live (the best and the worst, those who spend the most or those who spend less). Control the evolution of your business in time and space, so that you can define marketing strategies based on real up to date data; properly segmented campaigns to optimize business investment; plan actions of up-selling and cross-selling based on customer behavior in real time.

Do you want to change the approach of your resource management in your administration or company?

Contact BGEO and we will arrange a visit to show you the 100% open source tool, which will allow you to be more agile, efficient, productive and transparent.