Object-oriented and open source relational database management system

PostgreSQL is an object-relational database management system, distributed under a BSD license and with its freely available source code. It is the most powerful open source database management system on the market, and in its latest versions has nothing to envy to other commercial databases.

PostgreSQL uses a client / server model and uses multiprocessors to ensure system stability. This means that an error in one of the processes will not affect the rest and the system will continue to run. In fact, its technical characteristics make it as one of the most powerful and robust databases on the market. Stability, power, robustness, ease of administration and implementation of standards have been the features that have been most taken into account during its development. It works well with large amounts of data and a high turnout of users while accessing the system.

This versatility, combined with its open and free structure, allows it to be perfectly associated and synchronized with the other solutions developed and implemented by BGEO, such as GIS tools or the water cycle management software, Giswater



Open source Software: PostgreSQL software is free and free licensed. In addition to being able to associate and synchronize perfectly with other solutions such as GIS tools or water cycle management software, GISWATER.

Client / Server Model: PostgreSQL uses the client / server and multiprocessor model to ensure system stability, so an error in one of the processes will not affect the rest and the system will continue to run.

Proper functionality: This software works well with large amounts of data and high user concurrences while accessing the system.

Highly extensible: With PostgreSQL you can define your own data types, create custom functions, you can even write code in different programming languages without having to recompile your database.

Features for developers and administrators: PostgreSQL incorporates many features designed to help developers build applications, and administrators to protect data integrity, create fault-tolerant environments, and help manage data whether they are large data sets or small.


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