We believe that organizations have vision

In addition to generate business and opportunities both for employees and customers, we are confident that they can make a positive difference in their societies. BGEO is based on these values and for instance the decisions of our staff and the projects undertaken are based on values which we want to share:


For this reason, we like open source technologies, as everybody could benefit from sharing the knowledge and effort of the developing community. Our projects are freely available to everyone to develop as well as to improve for further use. We also do the same with the open source products which were created by other companies or people.


Everyone can see their source code and manage it the way they like. Non-license software does not contain any hidden ties, hence we focus on using these software solutions. We are anticipating to maintain our clients because they value our services and not because of contract clauses.


This means that we keep the resources consumed and generated at the same level. This is a principle that we always apply in our organization, when dealing with urban projects as well as the development of new software for resource management.


Access to safe water is a privilege as more than 1.5 billions do not have access to it. Giswater is the technology that we developed in our company in order to find solutions to save water when possible.

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We will arrange a visit with the sole commitment of showing you a 100% open source tool that will allow you to be more agile, efficient, productive and transparent.