We believe that organizations have vision

In addition to generate business and opportunities both for employees and customers, we are confident that they can make a positive difference in their societies. BGEO is based on these values and for instance the decisions of our staff and the projects undertaken are based on values which we want to share:


For this reason, we like open source technologies, as everybody could benefit from sharing the knowledge and effort of the developing community. Our projects are freely available to everyone to develop as well as to improve for further use. We also do the same with the open source products which were created by other companies or people.


Everyone can see their source code and manage it the way they like. Non-license software does not contain any hidden ties, hence we focus on using these software solutions. We are anticipating to maintain our clients because they value our services and not because of contract clauses.


This means that we keep the resources consumed and generated at the same level. This is a principle that we always apply in our organization, when dealing with urban projects as well as the development of new software for resource management.


Access to safe water is a privilege as more than 1.5 billions do not have access to it. Giswater is the technology that we developed in our company in order to find solutions to save water when possible.

Quality policy

BGEO is a company that has a global scope of action and its main market is currently the Spanish. We work with clients mainly from the service sector.

The Engineering and Consulting activity and the areas of GIS, ICT and urban infrastructure that are considered to comply with the quality required according to the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015 are:

Development, implementation, training, start-up and maintenance of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the writing of civil engineering studies, plans and projects

The policy statement includes as guidelines:

  1. Commitment to complying with applicable requirements, including legal ones.
  2. Based on strategic lines defined in the context analysis carried out, the company’s objectives have been defined, which have been disseminated at all levels of our structure.
  3. Implement quality indicators, as well as track their level of progress, so that it allows us to know and ensure the service and quality level desired by our client.
  4. Ensure that working conditions are optimal by evaluating the risks that may occur in the processes, eliminating them where possible and reducing those evaluated.
  5. Develop continuous training programs to achieve the best qualifications for our workers, thus involving all staff in achieving all the objectives established in this document.
  6. Commitment to continuous improvement of the management system implemented in the company.
  7. Promote and achieve a motivating environment for all members of the company.

    The Direction makes this policy accessible and available to its clients, all its employees, suppliers and interested parties.

    The Policy is kept up to date through periodic reviews, coinciding with management reviews of the system, in order to take into account changes in environmental conditions and the information received. In this sense, the Direction provides and will provide all the human, technical and economic means necessary to achieve the objectives and goals that are established scheduled and periodically.

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