We help you with the technological implementation in your project

The software recommended for use by BGEO is 100% open source. This means that you can download everything for free and install them on as many computers or devices as you want. However, this does not guarantee the optimal use or the correct implementation of these resources.

It is very usual that each institution or organization has its own technological ecosystem that they are not very susceptible to change. For instance, having the data structured in a unique way; or requiring a level of performance that needs some development.

The service of technological implementation of BGEO is exactly that. Making the necessary adjustments to use the full and great potential that these open source tools can offer. BGEO does it with the rigor and confidence of a supplier which has definitely contributed to the developing community of these tools and dedicated themself to train technicians and users in its use.

If you want to go further in the management of your resources; If you want to invest in free and transparent technologies; If you want to ensure quick results with minimal investment, you can trust in the implementation services of BGEO.

Contact with BGEO to learn more about our implementation service

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