BGEO and GEOINNOVA have recently signed a collaboration agreement to market specialized training in the comprehensive management of the water cycle through the opensource GISWATER technology.

Thanks to its long background and experience in open source technologies, BGEO has become, over the years, the main developer and implementer of the GISWATER technology itself thanks to its continuous contributions and the associates of the GISWATER Association.

On the other hand, GEOINNOVA is one of the main training entities in Geographic Information Systems today. It has been training professionals in the geospatial sector since 2009 and is the precursor of the first Master in Open Source GIS on the market, focused on GIS development and programming with this type of technologies. In addition, it is recognized as an Official International Training Entity for the QGIS technology on which GISWATER is based; Their courses are recognized and have official certification from the QGIS Project.

This alliance is established as a natural strategy by virtue of the pre-existing relationship and mutual knowledge of two companies well located in the development and training of open source technology, which are committed to the development of training and commercial actions to offer professional training in GISWATER.