BGEO has played an important role during the SIG Libre journeys who were organized in May by SIGTE ( Service of Geographic Information and Telecommunication of the University of Girona). Xavier Torret and Josep Lluís Sala (BGEO) accompanied by Vicente Medina (GITS-UPC) gave a conference about the Management of the firms and the urban’s pavements with QGIS as well as a workshop of the Giswater tool. The goal of this instruction was to demonstrate the opportunities that offer the Giswater tool to hydraulics engineers, public’s administrations and in general to all the sector of water.

During the workshop, a practical case was studied concerning the supply network and the urban sanitation o drainage. The workshop started with a brief conceptual introduction through which one we could practise the datas managememt of a network using the software QGIS but the main goal of this workshop was the logic understanding of working data models who are used for urban’s networks. A brief comment was also given about the informatics motors who operated through the QGIS interface like EPANET, SWMM or the database PostgreSQL.

This workshop was mainly adressed to engineers, technicians and specialists who work in the area of Geographic Information System or to engineering related to the water management.

The SIG Libre Journeys represent a major event in the field of Free Open Source Geospatial Softwares and fot the 10th edition the essential goal of this meeting was to share knowledge, experiences and create synergies between the various actors of the sector. Furthermore this event aimed to be the referential conference for the QGIS Community and project.