BGEO will realize each year a significant economic contribution to support the QGIS project and foster his use and development. QGIS (known before as Quantum GIS) is a free software of geographic information system that was borned in May 2002 to offer a free and open source alternative to the private programs that totally dominated the market. Nowadays, QGIS is a fundamental tool who has been translated in more than 48 languages and which is used in academic as well as professional fields. QGIS operates under the public licence GNU (GPL) and therefore, all the users can use it, modify it or distribute it freely and without any cost. Indeed BGEO considered that the development of QGIS is essential to sustain the evolution of free and open sources technologies.

The GISWATER project and the Giswater Association that we have impulsed also aimed to promote and develop the free and open source technologies related to geographic information. Our goal is to move from acquired knowledge to shared knowledge in the areas of water management, such as supply, sewerage, urban drainage or flood risk assessment. For this reason, we have created an open source software related to water management and totally compatible with QGIS. We recommend to all professionals associated to water management to use GISWATER with the software QGIS. In the next coming weeks we will release the version 2.0 of GISWATER and a plug-in will be available for QGIS.

For more information about the GISWATER project, you can go to our website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+ pages.

¡For more practical information you can also have a look to our GISWATER channel on Youtube!