The European consortium CORAL is developing a comprehensive customized solution for ports. The tool allows the digitization and exploitation of environmental data with the aim of making port activity more respectful with the environment. The application also allows optimization of the management of the different operations to be carried out in its infrastructures.

BGEO, SeaData and Water Robotics are the three companies that have joined forces and their areas of expertise to integrate the CORAL project. The project is being financed by the European project GALATEA (file number 873026), a Horizon 2020 research and innovation program of the European Union, which allows cascading financing for innovative projects framed in the Blue Economy. The Catalan Water Partnership, a cluster for the sustainable use of water, is part of the GALATEA consortium and is at the same time the regional contact for BGEO in the CORAL project.

The consortium, made up of SMEs from Spain, France and Poland, is working to create a platform that will serve as a single point of information for the entire port. CORAL has almost a year of execution and face-to-face meetings have been held in the cities of each company. After Gdansk (Poland) and Montpellier (France), it was Barcelona’s turn to hold the last face-to-face meeting, before the project closes, in July 2022.

For this reason, the final meeting took place on May 20 at the Port of Barcelona and was attended by Àlex Garcia Formatjé, deputy director general of the Port of Barcelona, the CORAL consortium and Eric Santos, R+D Project Manager of Catalan Water Partnership as representative of the GALATEA project. During the meeting, presentations were made about the Port of Barcelona and issues related to sustainability and environmental monitoring of the port, the progress of the CORAL project and a maritime visit to the port.

Afterwards, the CORAL consortium and Eric Santos met with Estíbaliz Amatriain Rubio, Captain of Port Olímpic, to present the current status of the works and discuss the advantages that the implementation of the CORAL project could bring to the port.

In addition, this last face-to-face meeting was a good opportunity to strengthen ties between the entire consortium. To make the most of the visit in Catalonia, a tourist visit to the center of Barcelona and a walk in the mountains of Montserrat were carried out.