Néstor Ibáñez shares his first working semester of 2020.

Néstor Ibáñez, is part of the Giswater plugin developer team and is responsible for both the Python part and the maintenance of ETL processes. In the first semester he focused on fixing the bugs that appeared, improving the plugin according to the needs of the clients in a more friendly, simple and accessible way for them.

He developed a system for translating forms and information and alert messages, so that each user can translate the text they see in said forms by configuring the tables of a database.

With the collaboration of his fellow database experts, he created a filtering system of the objects shown on the map, objects such as pipes, unions, valves and the like, exploitations, the status of each of the objects shown on the map, etc.

An anchoring system for the main forms was implemented so that the user (optional for each one) can always have it docked instead of seeing it as an independent window.

Nestor emphasizes that all the improvements made are available, or optional, depending on what the companies that use Giswater want.