The BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology allows to create and manage construction projects collaboratively. In recent years, different technological tools designed to apply this method have emerged, and can be seamlessly integrated into GIS systems. In addition, some of these BIM solutions are open source. All this means that, using the combination of both technologies, complex civil engineering projects can easily be developed.

But how does the GIS technology applied to the BIM method work? How should the engineers deal with the projects? This is what the BGEO professionals explain to the students who are studying the BIM Manager Master in Civil Engineering at the Zigurat Global Institute of Technology and the Continuing Education Institute of the Universitat de Barcelona. Specifically we detail the benefits that it entails in the field of hydraulic engineering, both in the design and modeling phase and in construction, and even in the subsequent maintenance of the installation.

The classes are given by Josep Lluís Sala, co-founder of BGEO, technical architect and consultant and trainer in GIS.