Albert Bofill shares his first working semester of 2020.

Albert Bofill, responsible for the releases, documentation and maintenance of the Giswater versions in production, considers that it has been a very busy first semester. He explains that “Giswater does not stop and every day we work to improve the program, by adding new and better features, as well as trying to achieve a stable and robust program to minimize errors or problems that the user may find.”

One of its main tasks is to coordinate the different actors that come into play in the development of Giswater. During the first semester of 2020, the version 3.3 has been greatly stabilized. Different versions have been released with small improvements requested by Giswater customers and users. Albert has assisted in the development of these improvements and has been responsible for releasing the new versions.

During the last months, he has also contributed to the preparation of the new version Giswater 3.4, which has not yet been released on the official website, but it is already a reality and the BGEO team believes that it will be a very stable version and improved, especially in terms of performance and usability.

Albert has also been in charge of updating the versions of the vast majority of clients who use Giswater in a corporate environment, giving the necessary support in case of doubts or problems related to the program and coordinating the resolution of errors with the rest of the team.

During the months of May and June he participated in the Giswater webinars, giving a practical demonstration of how some of the program’s features work. These two free webinars in Spanish were very successful and have focused on the public of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America.

He has also taught different courses on the operation of QGIS + Giswater for different new clients or regular users who needed to know some of the specific modules of the program and which are usually more complicated to learn. Additionally, he also participated in a short training on SQL language dedicated especially to the members of the Giswater Association.

Finally, it is also worth highlighting the great involvement in an additional development that has been working with a client for the creation of a module for planning visits on the network and realization by field operators with a mobile device in direct connection with the database. This module perfectly combines the desktop service that Giswater offers with a web solution to view the network and be able to perform different actions in real time, so that the office personnel automatically have access to data collected in the field.