Josep Lluís Sala shares his first working semester of 2020.

Josep Lluís Sala is a technical architect and one of the two founding partners of BGEO. He is currently treasurer of the Giswater Association, member of the Association QGIS Spain and Delegate of the Vallès Oriental of the Col∙legi d’Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers d d’Edificació de Barcelona.

Apart from co-directing the company, he coordinates the engineering projects, is responsible for the BMAPS product for the mobile management of the assets of a company or administration and is jointly responsible for the communication area.

On this strange first semester of 2020, he has coordinated different civil engineering projects, has managed Giswater implementations such as of the city of Terrassa, has been present in different GIS projects such as the analysis and improvement of garbage collection in the city of Granollers, has followed the evolution of BMAPS implementations and improvements to different clients and has also provided QGIS training in service companies, Administrations (City Councils, Provincial Council) and professional associations, the latest training in online format due to the COVID19 pandemic.

He believes a good work environment is essential to face the different challenges faced by the company and to be surrounded by a faithful, committed and quality human team.