Sergio Muñoz shares his first working semester of 2020.

Sergio Muñoz, hydraulic models consultant, has carried out during the first half of 2020 work that has focused on three different areas.

First, the development of several engineering projects of different types and sizes, such as: redevelopment / rehabilitation of streets, a project for a new urbanization of an industrial / commercial sector, as well as other projects for the design and improvement of spaces and pedestrian routes.

Within this first engineering block, he has also carried out a study on the impacts of surface runoff from the implementation of a new PDU. The main tool for the preparation of this study has been Giswater, which has allowed him to study the current state in an integrated way in a single project, as well as the design of the different projected alternatives and obtain the hydraulic model of each one of them.

Another project that Sergio has been working on that first semester has been the Drinking Water Master Plan of the municipality of Almoster, also with the use of Giswater, both for the design of the network and for its hydraulic calculation.

At the same time, he has dedicated himself on advising the technicians of several water companies and has accompanied them in the use of the different functionalities offered by the Giswater tool for the management of their drinking water and urban sanitation networks.

Finally, he has taken training courses with Giswater, mainly focused on the functionalities offered by the tool for the hydraulic modeling of the network.