Cláudia Rodrigues shares her first working semester of 2020.

“Willingness to do a bit of everything, help and be useful in the visibility and growth of the company” – that is the phrase that Cláudia Rodrigues, co-head of the BGEO Communication area and who also gives support in administrative matters, uses to define her first working half of this year.

There were several goals set and they were detailed in a Communication Plan. Some have been achieved and others have been postponed due to the conditions of the pandemic. However, the following stand out: the publication of at least two weekly posts in the social media channels, the presentation of the team through a “Meet the Team” campaign, the continuous update of the website, the publication of articles on the Giswater blog, promote the webinars “Managing drinking water and sanitation networks with Giswater”, edit and publish the recordings of these events on Giswater’s YouTube channel and, recently, the launch of the #FoodGeoTagging campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

In the administrative area, the necessary processes were carried out to maintain a good structural functioning, such as: the issuance, dispatch and support in the management of billing, support in the management of biddings and the compilation of documentation to present in the audit of the partial justification of the IMAQUA project.

Cláudia highlights the greatest challenge during this period: “The dissemination of the webinars “Gestión de las redes de agua potable y saneamiento con Giswater”, which has allowed us to quantify a bit, since we reached a considerable number of stakeholders from our target audience (water management companies and public administrations) and we managed to convey our message”. She also highlights the documentation compilation to present in the audit of the partial justification of the IMAQUA project, in a demanding process of organization and verification of documents, clarification of doubts together with the Project Manager, the auditor and fellow participants of the project.