As you can read in the Indian Express, after six decades not taking into account the importance of water management, the state government of Maharashtra has finally decided to interlink all major dams in the region of Marathwada. This decision aims to improve the water usage effectiveness in this drought-hit region. The dams will be connected in Jayakwadi, Ujjani, Terna, Vishnupuri, Manjara, Yellara and Siddheshwari.

In addition, the government has proposed to constitute a central water grid to work as a command to determine water distribution across those eight droughts hit districts through scientific management and robust logistics. One of the mean goals of this project is to bring down evaporation losses which can occur when water is carried through open canals from 25-30% to 0-5 %.

The maintenance and repairs are really important processes that have to be taken into account for an effective water management. In the past, different districts of this region have faced water crisis in peak summers due to cracks leading to seepages that conduce to a really low level of water in the dams, under 3%.

The infiltration and loss problems in dams or water supply networks are easily solvable with tools like Giswater . In fact, with the new version 2.0 who will be released in feew weeks, this open source software will include, for example, status conservation datas of the networks and will be able to generate reports that can be really useful to prevent this kind of maintenance problems. In addition, its wide capacities for water management can help local governments to improve their water service quality and finally taking into account that is totally free and open source software it can permit to the local entities to save important economic resources.