Catalonia will host for the third time its Water Congress. For two days, from the 20th to the 21st of March, the problems that the water sector in Catalonia have been facing and the search for solutions, that can at least minimize its risks, are part of the event’s background,
“Evolution of uses: reuse, circular economy and new technologies”
organized by Associació Catalana d’Amics de l’Aigua.

On the 21st of March, at 17:50, the director of BGEO, Josep Lluís Sala, will be presenting the “Water supply management with Giswater 3, desktop and mobile solutions”.

There will be many presentations regarding the water world. Some of the highlights are the “Social, economical and environmental aspects”, “Future challenges” and “Circular economy”, but there will be also moments for debate and sharing related experiences.

The Congress is expected to have an active participation from the maximum agents of planning, structure and management of the services related to the water cycle, with special emphasis in the research and modernizing world. Public Administrations are also the target in the different topics to be discussed.