A few days ago we had the pleasure of participating in V Jornadas de Ingeniería del Agua (JIA2017″Conference, which was held in Coruña 25th and 26th of October.

The conference was organized by the GEAMA ( Grupo de Enxeñería da Agua e do Medio Ambiente). The conference was included the four main topic and one monograph:

A. Fluvial Dynamics, reservoirs, estuaries and wetlands.

B. Hydrology, uses and water management.

C. Water and city.

D. Hydraulic structures.

E. Monograph-fluvial environments and transitional waters: impacts of urban environments.


In the framework of the theme of water and city, we made the presentation “Advanced Analysis of Supply Networks, Sanitation and Urban Drainage with Giswater 2”. We had a great chance to show and share our free and open software with all of the attendees.


The JIA 2017 conference was a great success and well-attended. Our congratulations to the organizers for this high quality event and a lot of thanks to GEAMA who gave us  the chance to present our project. We also want to show our big respect for all of the our attendees for their interest in Giswater!

Thank you dear colleagues and fiends!