Getting to know the opportunities and having an idea of ​​the state of the French water market were some of the objectives of the session “Opportunities for Public Purchase in France in the Water Sector” organized by ACCIÓ on the 15th of November.

Xavier Torret, Managing Partner of BGEO, participated in the presentation of the study carried out during the last 3 months, framed within the ACCIÓ Regional Public Client Program. This document, which aimed to facilitate the internationalization of Catalan companies to the French public water sector, has shown that there is a good opportunity because it is quite mature and stable. Other features that have been presented are:

1) the rate of renewal of networks is in the order of 2.5 times higher than that of Spain, which means that there is much more volume of maintenance investments;

2) the profound restructuring that the French state is doing is one of its great challenges. Present-day administrations, close to 33,000, will pass to about one hundred since it is regrouping from a critical mass of inhabitants;

3) the cultural, linguistic and geographical proximity of all the companies located in Catalonia.

The event that had the participation of 20 people took place at the headquarters of ACCIÓ and allowed not only to specify real expectations but also to contact Catalan companies in the water sector that intend to expand their horizons towards France and evaluate the possibility of establishing future synergies.