Work with maps from any browser

BMAPS is BGEO‘s solution to work on maps from any Internet browser. It is a tool that allows you to create and edit maps, generate information in layers and create as many custom views as you want. This, combined with the fact that BMAPS can be accessed from any fixed or mobile device that has a connection to the data network, makes it an essential resource for fieldwork.



All information on a map: Forget about searching the information in folders or by dates. Scroll over the map and write down or view the geolocated data. It is like a Google Maps customized for the needs of your organization.

Inventory constantly updated: The use of maps allows the inventory to be updated at the same time as the field work is done. This is a huge advantage to know at all times what the situation of the assets is.

Budgeting and technical specifications: The data collected by BMAPS become a very powerful tool to help prepare budgets or write technical specifications for public tenders. The different visualizations and filters allow obtaining important data when forecasting the resources that will be necessary.

Campaign planning: BMAPS is also a great ally when planning actions or campaigns. Especially, when they are powerful, such as pruning public trees or maintaining the containers of a city.

Follow-up of work in real time: At any time the people in charge of a team can know in which geographical point their employees are and to have a global vision of how is the work of that day or of that campaign.

Suitable for any Android device: From any Internet browser you can access BMAPS, and in the case of devices such as mobile phones or tablets, BMAPs work in Android environments, which cover 75% of the devices.

Ideal for administrations and companies: BMAPS is an affordable, powerful and essential solution for any administration that wants to optimize its resources. It is also extraordinarily useful for companies that provide services on the ground.

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