GIS Desktop:

  • The maturity of open source technologies in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has allowed that these technologies can be used by a wide segment of professionals who until now were unknown to them. In this context, training and consulting appears as a market in which our company is working.
  • Thanks to the open source software you are allowed to download, use and modify software all this running under different operating systems.
  • In the knowledge area of Open GIS software, we can find professional projects as gvSIG or QGIS.

    Both allow you to create, edit, view, analyze and publish geospatial information on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix systems.

  • PQGIS is allowed to manage diferent kind of raster formats (GRASS GIS, GeoTIFF, TIFF, JPG, etc) and vector formats (Shapefile, ArcInfo coverages, Mapinfo, GRASS GIS, etc) through the GDAL and OGR libraries and databases.
  • FFinally also worth noting the ease of interfacing with many geospatial databases like PostGIS, SpatiaLite, ORACLE Spatial and other.