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First face-to-face meeting of the CORAL project

Last week, Barbara Rzepka, Edgar Fusté, Josep Lluís Sala and Xavier Torret from BGEO staff traveled to Gdańsk (Poland) to participate in the first meeting of the CORAL project consortium, composed by SeaData (Gdańsk), Water Robotics (Montpellier) and BGEO (Barcelona). The aim of this meeting was to put in common ground the first steps of the project, […]

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Internal training session on Artificial Intelligence applied to the prediction of demands in a drinking water network

Last Wednesday, September 1st, we held an internal training session on Artificial Intelligence applied to forecasting demand in a drinking water network.
Summer is always a good time to incorporate interns who bring freshness and new trends to organizations. In this sense, this year it was a pleasure to welcome, once again, Elies Bertran, a mathematics […]

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Optimizing functionalities and processes

Edgar Fusté Culla shares his first working semester of 2020.

Edgar Fusté Culla, programmer and responsible for the Giswater API, has worked on developing improvements and corrections for its tools.

He has also been focused on the configuration and the database application programming interface with QGIS projects. Besides, he has developed new functionalities for the BMAPS web […]

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Between Communication and Administration

Cláudia Rodrigues shares her first working semester of 2020.

“Willingness to do a bit of everything, help and be useful in the visibility and growth of the company” – that is the phrase that Cláudia Rodrigues, co-head of the BGEO Communication area and who also gives support in administrative matters, uses to define her first working […]

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One of the pioneers of Giswater, on the path to continue improving it

David Erill shares her first working semester of 2020.

David Erill, expert and consultant in Python and ETL projects, as well as one of the first programmers of the Giswater plugin, has collaborated closely with the rest of the team of developers in improving the architecture, structure and robustness of the source code. In parallel, he […]

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Coding: the path to better functionalities

Barbara Rzepka shares her first working semester of 2020.

Barbara Rzepka is responsible for the development of the Giswater database including code programming in PL/SQL and giving support to Python developers team. She is also conducting the migration of data between customers’ current systems and Giswater.

Throughout the first semester of 2020 she has mainly been focused […]

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Management and coordination are the essence of success

Josep Lluís Sala shares his first working semester of 2020.

Josep Lluís Sala is a technical architect and one of the two founding partners of BGEO. He is currently treasurer of the Giswater Association, member of the Association QGIS Spain and Delegate of the Vallès Oriental of the Col∙legi d’Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers d d’Edificació […]

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Between Engineering, hydraulic modeling and training

Sergio Muñoz shares his first working semester of 2020.

Sergio Muñoz, hydraulic models consultant, has carried out during the first half of 2020 work that has focused on three different areas.

First, the development of several engineering projects of different types and sizes, such as: redevelopment / rehabilitation of streets, a project for a new urbanization of […]

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Orchestrating the harmonization and growth of Giswater

Albert Bofill shares his first working semester of 2020.

Albert Bofill, responsible for the releases, documentation and maintenance of the Giswater versions in production, considers that it has been a very busy first semester. He explains that “Giswater does not stop and every day we work to improve the program, by adding new and better features, […]

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Python is key to continuous improvement

Néstor Ibáñez shares his first working semester of 2020.

Néstor Ibáñez, is part of the Giswater plugin developer team and is responsible for both the Python part and the maintenance of ETL processes. In the first semester he focused on fixing the bugs that appeared, improving the plugin according to the needs of the clients in […]

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